Community Engagement


Event Tickets

BowWest publicizes and sometimes provides direct support for events that provide low-cost entertainment for the whole family. These include events that offer free entrance passes or event tickets.

Most events are planned and implemented in conjunction with local community associations and/or other agencies. 

Watch our FB page for details!


Ripples Program

Residents of Montgomery, Greenwood Village and Bowness have a special opportunity to “make a ripple” in their neighbourhoods. If you have an idea for an event or program that would build connections between people in your community, a Ripples Grant might help. Fill out the Ripples Application Form or contact the Ripples Facilitator at 403-874-8366.


The Ripples Challenge: What is your idea that builds community connections between people in your community while keeping physically distant?

Contact the Ripples Facilitator at 403-874-8366 or at to help bring your idea to life.

Ripples Application