Employment & Education

Need help finding a job or upgrading your academic credentials?

Free Access to Community Voice Mail

Contact BowWest to set up a voicemail account for communication (personal and work-related). Voicemail accounts can be used to help with employment searches, educational programs, to set up medical appointments and to resolve judicial issues.

Accounts are personal and access is password protected.

Employment-Related Training/GED

Contact BowWest for information about employment-related training programs, including apprenticeship programs and academic upgrading.

ESL Classes and Conversational Groups

Contact BowWest for information on ESL classes/conversation groups near you. Some of these programs are provided by immigrant serving agencies such as Immigrant Services Calgary and Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association. Programs are also offered through local churches, community associations and the Calgary Public Library.

General Educational Development (GED): Alberta High School Equivalency

BowWest provides direct support to participants in the Never Too Late program, a free high school equivalency program for adults.

Job Search Support

Free printing, faxing and scanning for people already accessing services at BowWest.