COVID Self Assessment
AHS has launched an online survey you can complete that helps to tell you what to do regarding the virus as it pertains to your specific situation. Health Link is overwhelmed by calls right now, so they recommend doing this survey, and it will advise you whether to phone Health Link.

Events & Programs

BowWest Basic Supports

At BowWest, a Community Advocate can help you access government supports and benefits available due to COVID-19. These include:
              -  Emergency Food
Basic Needs support for rent and utilities
Financial assistance to purchase medication
Assistance with internet access
Free help filing taxes (income eligibility requirements)

For  information, call 403 374 0448


Community Resource Centre HUB  
       Support is just a phone call away!

       For your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Community Advocates are managing HUB enquires
       and support requests by phone.

       Community Resource Centre HUBs are located across Calgary and can assist with:

                  -  Basic needs referrals for food, furniture, and clothing
                  -  Local supports to assist you in your community
                  -  Resources and information related to a variety of topics
                  -  Crisis navigation to provide support and direction during difficult times

      To be connected with an Advocate                                               To be connected with an Advocate
      in North Calgary, please call:                                                           in South Calgary, please call:
              403-374-0448                                                                                     403-874-8819

Emergency Food Support 

BowWest’s Fresh Market Connections at the Bowness & Ranchlands offices are temporarily discontinued.

Call 403 374 0448 for information or to access the following supports:

    -  Emergency food hamper referrals to the Calgary Food Bank and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Good Food Box  -  Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost
Open to all Calgarians
Orders for Good Food Boxes in Calgary’s north neighbourhoods MAY be subsidized by contacting us 

Emergency Food Hamper Pick Ups and Delivery
By appointment only 

Grocery Cards
Call to arrange Canada Post delivery of a grocery store card
Household must include a community member who can go to the grocery store

Tax Clinics
BowWest is offering free tax clinics during the pandemic.
Conditions apply. These include:

    -  Income limits (low to modest income)   
    -  No first-time tax filers
    -  No medical expenses
    -  No changes to address or marital status
    -  Access to email and internet
All paperwork MUST be submitted 1 week prior to the appointment (T-slips, education paperwork, etc.)
Call Rose at 403 374 0448 or email for information.

Dollars & Cents
Find out how to earn while you learn!
The Dollars & Cents workshops are conducted online via Zoom.
These workshops aim to boost your confidence in finances by learning budgeting, banking, credit assets and consumerism.
Participants who complete all 5 workshops MAY be invited to join a matched savings program called Family Saves.
    -  Participants can save between $20-$50 a month
    -  At the end, savings will be matched 3:1.

For information, contact Douw at 403 804 2908 or at

Insight Counselling
Are you struggling with mental health issues, especially during this time of COVID-19?

Insight  provides counselling to guide positive change in all aspects of an individual’s personal and working life. Subsidies are available.

For information, call 403 374 0448

Financial Coaching
BowWest offers 1:1 financial coaching via phone and online.
A financial coach helps participants:
 For information, contact Douw at 403 804 2908 or at

Clothing Room

Pandemic regulations restrict public access to the Clothing Room located at the Ranchlands office.

    -   If you or a member of your family needs clothing, call 403-374-0448 for eligibility & to make arrangements.
    -   Based on information provided, a volunteer will pack a bag of requested items for pickup.
    -   Donations and returns can be left at the BowWest office in Ranchlands.
    -   Donations: clean & gently used clothing and footwear for all ages and genders are gratefully accepted

Good Food Box
Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost! 
Small box:       $25    (20-25lbs)
             Medium box:   $30   (30-35 lbs)
Large box:        $35   (40-45 lbs)

For orders in the Bowness area, call Barb at 403-863-4976 or Dianne at 403-874-3898